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The Liebster Award Discovering new Blogs

One day I received an Email from this really cool girl Renate that has the blog Red is an Attitude. She told me that she had nominated me for the The Liebster Award. An award that can only be given…

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7 Things to Do Around the World, Peru, South America, The World

7 Essential Things to Do in Lima

  When it comes to 7 Things to do in Lima, my number one thing is the food scene that they have.     Lima is the grandest food scene in Latin America. You can eat everything in Lima! The…

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7 Things to Do Around the World, Asia, SLIDER, Thailand, The World

10 Highlights from Bangkok City

We have all seen the movie Hangover, we have all been taken away by this crazy city with the name Bangkok! We have been meeting taxi driver that say no to our business because we want the meter on. We…

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7 Things to Do Around the World, New Zealand, Oceania, The World

7 Great places to visit in New Zealand

When I was backpacking three months in 2014 in Australia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. I had to stop by New Zealand, when I was in Australia. It is close, only a couple of hours on an airplane and then you…

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Belize, Diving, North America, The World

Diving The Blue Hole

When I was in Belize, I had the opportunity to go diving in the Blue Hole. For a long time, I was considering not to do it, because it cost a lot of money, and some were talking about not…

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Peru, slider front page, South America, The World

Machu Picchu in Pictures

After been looking at others pictures of Machu Picchu, it was finally time to have my own pictures of this incredible place. As voted as one of the New Seven Wonders of the world and a UNESCO world heritage site in 1938,…

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Mirissa beach in Sri Lanka offers incredible ocean views and the sound of waves when falling asleep at night, whale watching, local curry, outstanding yoga and even surfing! Mirissa is for everyone that wants to relax at the beach.
Asia, Backpack, Sri Lanka, The World

Carefree Mirissa Beach in Sri Lanka

We stayed at Palm Villa at Mirissa beach in Sri Lanka, the higlight of the day was the sound of the waves when falling asleep at night; it was paradise for me. Mirissa Beach is the place for doing nothing more…

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Why is Argentina Expensive in 2015, but not in 2016?
Argentina, South America, Study Abroad

Why is Argentina Expensive for a Traveler

Why is Argentina Expensive for a traveler? I was reading about having dinner out every day for 5 dollars and just having the most amazing time traveling in Argentina. Reality hit me hard in Buenos Aires. There is no such…

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