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Top 5 on Instagram
Top 5 on Instagram

Top 5 on Instagram

Top 5 on Instagram are my best pictures the last months. Let´s share it and maybe you will follow the adventure on Instagram @ Pauline Travels. The next adventure coming up is the Greek Islands of Santorini, Antiparos, Mykonos and…

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7 Fabulous things to do in Buenos Aires
7 Things to Do Around the World, Argentina, South America

7 Fabulous Things to Do in Buenos Aires

After living almost four months in Buenos Aires, I have an excellent list of things to do in Buenos Aires. There are some things you have to do in Buenos Aires before leaving this insane capital that never sleeps and…

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Chile, South America

Concha y Toro Winery

I have had bottles of this wine back home in Norway. To actually go to the winery were it is produced was very impressive. I think that the Concha Y Toro Winery are doing an excellent job, when it comes…

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Ecuador, South America

Animal paradise Galápagos

I was lucky to have 12 days in animal paradise in Galápagos. Watching fearless wildlife, sea lions sleeping on the bench on the street, on the stairs. Marina Iguana just chilling on the beach and Blue Footed boobies having a…

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Peru, Solo Traveler, South America, The World, TRAVEL SMART

Traveling with food allergy is a challenge

Traveling with food allergy, can sometimes be seriousley dangerous. In the age of 18, my friend rushed me to hospital, because I was having an allergy reaction on nuts with an Anaphylactic attack. Very difficult to do breathing, when you…

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Belize, Diving, North America, The World

Diving The Blue Hole

When I was in Belize, I had the opportunity to go diving in the Blue Hole. For a long time, I was considering not to do it, because it cost a lot of money, and some were talking about not…

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Ecuador, South America, The World

San Cristóbal the best island in Galápagos

San Cristóbal is a great place to be when discovering Galapagos on a budget. It´s a small Island and maybe the best island in Galápagos.  I’m still discussing this with the tourist and the people who has lived around all…

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Argentina, South America, Study Abroad

My Second family in Buenos Aires

I have to show some of the good times in Buenos Aires with my second family from Argentina, UK, Frances, Germany, USA, Netherlands, Sweden and Norway. When you travel you meet so many fantastic people from all over the world. With…

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the Lima Gourmet Company in Pictures

I decided to do something organized, an arranged a trip with the Lima Gourmet Company. I normally don’t do so much organized activity, because most of the time I feel it cost too much for my budget and what it…

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travel to Machu Picchu from Cusco
Peru, South America, The World

Travel to Machu Picchu On a Budget Or convenient

I really didn’t know, that it was a long travel to Machu Picchu from Cusco. When I mean long, it depends on how you end up doing it. Because when I arrived in to Cusco, I understood that there are…

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