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7 Reason Why: Norway is The Best Solo Female Traveler Destination!

Norway is the best solo female traveler destination in the world. Why is this? Is it because of the beautiful scenery of Geiranger and Fjord Norway? Or perhaps it’s a low crime rate and the fact that almost everyone speaks English besides their native tongue Norwegian?


Norway is The Best Solo Female Traveler Destination in 2018

Norway is The Best Solo Female Traveler Destination in 2017

If it is your first time traveling as a solo female traveler, I would recommend going somewhere safe and comfortable. Because when traveling solo around the world, the most significant concern and priority for most of us is to stay safe!


When it comes to staying safe, I highly recommend Norway and Northern Countries with other words Scandinavia. Because it is one of the safest places in the world when it comes to crime, gender equality, health, and education. We are maybe not the people that speak the loudest; we do know how to respect and precious our values and believes.



1. Norway named Happiest Country of 2017


Norway has been qualified to be the happiest country in the World by the United Nations. Several facts were measured: Social happiness, levels of caring, freedom to make life decisions, generosity, good governance, honesty, health, and income.

 The Top 5 in Ranking of Happiness

1. Norway 2. Denmark 3. Iceland 4. Switzerland 5. Finland


The United States, meanwhile, has slid in the rankings, from 13th place last year to 14.


If that’s not a reason to choice Norway for some exploring, well, let me give you some more ideas, why Norway is the best solo female traveler destination in the world.



2. The Position of Females in Norway


Norway was one of the first countries in the world to appoint Gender Equality. The view of women is why I love Norway! We have many independent women in Norway, many of them were known to be self-sufficient, running the family and the house on their own as Norwegian men were known to be a fisherman. Norwegian women have been strong, independent and badass for many generations. That’s how we ended up becoming Viking beauty with brains and deep blue eyes.


Gro Harlem Brundtland, become Norway’s first female Prime Minister in 1981. She has continued as the head of the World Helth Organization and continuing working with different international organizations for a better future. She is one of many strong women in Norway.

Grete Waitz our Norwegian Marathon Queen! Winning the New York Marathon nine times in a row, was a great accomplishment. The vital case for Grete was inspiring ordinary Norwegian women to get out there run a mere five kilometers. Grete had an enormous impact on the participation of Norwegian women in sports and most important their self-image.


Any female traveling to Norway is more than welcome! She will be admired for being strong, smart, beautiful and independent traveling on her one and seeing what she likes. Everyone will help her if she asks for help!


We love the family in Norway, but we are not going to ask a 25-year-old girl where are your husband and children, this is very much the case in Sri Lanka. That’s how I suddenly was married, and my husband had let me travel with my best girl to Sri Lanka as my final trip before becoming a full-time wife. Of course, sometimes we tried to explain that life is different in Norway, but sometimes it was better to be “married.”


May 17th of Norway 🇳🇴 the best National Day in the World

Norway’s National Day



3. Low Crime Rate and Safe Streets

As a Norwegian citizen, I am being spoiled. I leave the house being safe and entering the streets being safe. Walking around in Oslo, the capital of Norway and being safe. I have never had an unfortunate accident in Norway when it comes to strolling the streets. Of course, I’m not going to lie and say everywhere is safe in Oslo and Norway. As in any city and countries, there are certain places you should not walk during the dark times of the day, or if you want to stay out of trouble don’t walk there.


In Norway, fewer than 4,000 of the country’s 5 million people were behind bars. That makes Norway’s incarceration rate just 75 per 100,000 people, compared to 707 people for every 100,000 people in the US – Business Insider.





4. We Do Not have Gun’s on the Street

The police are usually not armed in Norway. When the Police are not armed, the drug dealer is not armed, the criminals are not armed because no one is armed! Let’s be honest everything is more scary with a gun? It can kill! – PRI


The first time, I did see a gun on the streets was in the United States of America. Or well the first time was at the airport. Landing in Washington D.C and being on the bus from the airplane to the terminal. I was encountered with two military people and each one of them holding machine guns!? That was my first meeting of America as a 12-year-old girl.


Las Vegas massacre becomes America’s 273rd mass shooting in 275 days



5. Men are Less Aggressive

Norwegian men are having high standards when it comes to respecting women. The Norwegian men’s have been raised by powerful women’s. Since childhood, they have been taught that there mum and sister is to be respected and the same goes for every woman out there. Nobody puts Women in a Corner! 


They will never comment – be catcalling to you in the street. If the man does catcall, the man is not Norwegian. They are in Norway but not Norwegians. They will not make a rude comment because if they will, a Norwegian woman, would tell him straight away what a joke he is to assault women and other men’s would support the women!


Being in a bar in Norway alone can be fun but sometimes a bit hard. Norwegian man respect that you want to be alone. If you see handsome Norwegian Viking with beautiful blue eyes and you would like to talk to him? Well, you better get over there and start the conversation, then he will know that you want his attention. Welcome to Norway where women take the lead. Sometimes great sometimes a bit frustrating coming from a Norwegian girl but maybe refreshing experience for non-Norwegians.


Then again Norwegian women take what they want; we don’t wait either should you! Go for it, if you wish for a Norwegian man. Another fun facts about women traveling to Norway is that the Land of the Vikings is ‘the horniest country in the world.’




6. Everyone speaks English more or less

Why are Norwegians and Scandinavian countries damn good at speaking English? First of all, everything that is initially in English stays in English in Norwegian Television. I pretty much learned English from Friends, the 70 shows, and other cool American films and of course, I did my homework from English class.


I’m not a superhuman language genius; I’m still trying to learn Spanish, which is easy. The reason why, I the Norwegian girl learned English more or less right, was my school. In Norway, we have an education system that makes it a requirement of learning a second language while at School and nowadays you have to have a third language as well either French, German or Spanish.


Studying English at the age 7 of years old and then finishing High School at the age 18, is more or less decade of time learning English. That’s why Scandinavian people speak English well.


When you are 12-13 years old, Norwegians will be starting their third language. I ended up in handcrafts since I did not like the German language. Silly me! Then again High School, I started Spanish at the age of 16 years old. I’m still 25 years old and have not completed the Spanish language. In 2017, I will complete the Spanish language.


Arriving in Norway and asking for directions in English, will never be assumed rude. Norwegians are all about diplomacy and flexible approach; we will even speak English with our Norwegian friends to include you in our conversation. If we talk Norwegian, is not to be rude, it’s because the information has no added value for you.



7. Staggering Natural Beauty

I have given a considerable amount of answers on why: Norway is The Best Solo Female Traveler destination! When you don’t have to worry about safety and to wonder how would I feel about being in that country, then there is time to figure out how I can explore the country. Norway has a beauty that is undoubtedly one of the most scenic places on Earth.


Natural wonders in every corner and fjord, fascinating history and did I mention thrilled people, like me:)  Take part in what makes us happy! I would recommend two weeks in Norway. I’m coming from the Fjord Norway; I would say visit the famous Geiranger Fjord, hike Lauparen in the Alps of Sunnmøre, explore Oslo the capital of Norway, go road tripping in Northern Norway and don’t forget to visit Aalesund and Bergen! Or go completely off the beaten track and discover Hoddevika Beach.


The important things: How to Pack to Norway from a Norwegian girl.





Norway: The Best Solo Female Traveler Destination

Why can I – A Norwegian girl at the age of 25, say that Norway is the best solo female traveler destination. Because I have traveled as a solo female traveler around the world and been reducing and handling risks in many different countries and cultures, I’m not saying this because Norway is my country, I’m saying this because I want you to feel safe on your destination as a Solo Female Traveler.


Some countries are better than other nations when it comes to travel as a solo female traveler. I have had a relaxed feeling about safety in Sweden, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand. Countries had to be on guard for my safety was Argentina, Colombia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. It is a combination of culture, language, people, and overall wealth.


In countries where people are satisfied with their lives, there is lower risk of being put at risk. Where people see an opportunity to you as Solo female traveler our tourist, there is a higher chance of getting in an uncomfortable situation. I have asked taxi drivers in Latin America to put me off in the middle of some random street, due to not feeling safe. I have been “married” in Sri Lanka, in the hope of gaining the respect for being someone’s women (it worked).




In Norway, I can be me! I can be 25 years old and eager to explore life and meeting new people and being safe. Being myself is why I love Norway as the Best Solo Female Traveler Destination.


Norway is the best solo female traveler destination in the world. Why is this? Is it because of the beautiful scenery like Geiranger and Fjord Norway? Or perhaps it's a low crime rate and the fact that almost everyone speaks English besides their native tongue Norwegian?