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the Lima Gourmet Company in Pictures

I decided to do something organized, an arranged a trip with the Lima Gourmet Company. I normally don’t do so much organized activity, because most of the time I feel it cost too much for my budget and what it actually deliver in value. Lima as a gastronomic city, I had to try an organized trip with the best of what Lima had to offer in the culinary scene. I went straight to Trip adviser, there it was – The Lima Gourmet Company. Certificate of excellence and everything, let´s check it out and let´s do it.



This is how my day tour went with

The Lima Gourmet Company and the introduction to the Culinary food Scene in Lima



We started our day with the most important thing first, Coffee. Roasted handpicked beans from the North of Peru that was organic produced. Coffee is always a good way to start the day. Name of Café: Mariadaplacer


the Lima Gourmet Company





Then we had a stop over in the bohemian neighborhood Barranco, it delivers restaurants and nightlife. We also stopped by a secret garden café and tasted a smoothie with the exotic fruit Lucuma, very good. So sad that it was only a 1/5 of the glass.


the Lima Gourmet Company, taking us to Barranco


Lima Gourmet company takes you to some beautiful sites along the way, like Barranco on the pictures.

the Lima Gourmet Company



the Lima Gourmet Company in colorful barranco



Then we went visiting a local marked with a lot of new fruit I never tried before, but enjoyed tasting them. The names on the fruits is difficult to remember since it was in Spanish, the fruit was delicious and new flavors for the mouth.


Lima Gourmet and the introduction to the Culinary food Scene in Lima with a lot of chilli


Peru has around 4000 different potato types


the Lima Gourmet Company



And a jungle of different fruit

Lima Gourmet and the jungle of different fruites


Lima Gourmet and my favorite fruit for a fresh juice


We went to our Ceviche and Pisco Sour class in the restaurant Embarcadero 41, in Miraflores. I enjoyed making our own Pisco Sour and Ceviche. It was better than expected. I love seafood; it didn’t disappoint me at all. The lime-marinade cooked the sea bass perfectly. It was probably the best introduction to Ceviche in Peru; the same goes for the Pisco Sour.


the Lima Gourmet Company and the introduction to Pisco Sour


the Lima Gourmet Company and Pisco Sour - Peru o Chile?

3 oz Pisco 1 oz lime juice 1 oz suger syruo 1oz egg white 2-3 drops Angostura bitters


the Lima Gourmet Company


the Lima Gourmet Company and the Pisco Sour in the making

the Lima Gourmet Company and Pisco Sour in the making

the Lima Gourmet Company in pictures




the Lima Gourmet Company - Ceviche the Lima Gourmet Food in Pictures

the Lima Gourmet Company and the finished product of Ceviche

Let´s eat it all!

the Lima Gourmet Company


Lima Gourmet and the introduction to the Culinary food Scene in Lima with some corn


The trip went on to our last stop a gourmet Peruvian lunch and dessert with the pre-Incan ruins at la Huaca Pucllana. I went for a passion fruit cocktail with our four-course taste menu. In the four dishes, I think my favorite was the cow heart and the potato with prawns and an avocado combination, every course delivered in different ways in taste. It was not disappointing. I was very happy for a couple of minutes; food heaven is not a bad place to be. Then it was dessert, so I just stayed in food heaven for some more time. It was four different desserts to taste; my favorite was the cheesecake. Then we were not hungry anymore and our trip was finished.


Lima Gourmet lunch at pre-inca ruins


El Postre – Siempre!

the Lima Gourmet Company - El Postre - Siempre! porque es mejor

pre-Incan ruins


the Lima Gourmet Company




Overall experience

The Lima Gourmet Company

I was the only backpacker, the only solo traveler and the youngest person on the tour. They started the tour with picking me up at my hostel, and then we went to the Hilton hotel and picked up the majority of the group. I was the only one from Norway, all the other people was living in the United States. I had a great experience, and got an excellent introduction to Lima with no hard thinking our planning. I just had to follow and enjoy the journey. As a food enthusiast, this tour was a great introduction to the culinary scene of Lima. Not the cheapest one, but maybe the best one? The food was outstanding and in combination with some of the important sites of Lima, it is a good tour if you have short time and want to get a fun and easy introduction to the city.


The bonus, I have new friends from the United States, that have invited me to their homes. What a wonderful world, I truly believe that traveling contribute to world peace, awesome experience and great people.




I´m hungry again … Where is the next stop?

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