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How to Perform the Cocora Valley hike

How to perform the Cocora Valley hike Cocora Valley hike can be done in many ways as it is with many tourist destinations. Which one is the correct way for you to perform? That depends on your goal for the…

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Postcard from Colombia 

I’m very close to have been in Colombia for 1 month. I know, I’m doing bad on the blog. The decision to not have a computer was my dumbest so far in this travel. I think actually grandpa is doing…

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Great things to do in Cartagena de Indias
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7 Great things to do in Cartagena de Indias 

The little city on the coast of Caribbean filled with colorful buildings, smiling people, history in every corner and love for everyone. This is Cartagena de Indias, the colonial town with all its heart pumping for you to fall in love with…

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Book Free Flights to Miami & Florida
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Free Flights to Miami & Florida

Free flights to Miami and the world is open. Our more precisely; Latin America. Because Miami & Florida is a spring board for Latin America. This is why free flights to Miami is perfect for traveling further on to Latin…

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7 Great things to do in Rome in 3 days, Colosseum, Vatican City, Palatine Hill, Roman Forum, Fontana di Trevi, Spanish Steps, Alther of Fatherland and best pizza in Trastevere.
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7 Great things to do in Rome

The 7 great things to do in Rome are strongly influenced by the Roman Empire, which was one of the most powerful economic, cultural, political and military forces in the world at that time.   Today when you visit Rome…

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How to Tinder the World when Traveling

When it comes to; How to Tinder the world, you are on the right spot. I have Tinder the world in Asia, South America, North America and Europe; Tinder the world is a great thing to do when traveling. If…

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12 Days in Sri Lanka Itinerary
Asia, Itinerary, Sri Lanka, The World

12 Days in Sri Lanka – Essential Itinerary

Sri Lanka the land with bit of everything in reachable distance and with great places to discover. These 12 days in Sri Lanka Itinerary will give history, culture, nature, beach, great adventures and memories that will last a lifetime. In…

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7 Great things to do in Alicante
7 something, Europe, Spain, The World

7 Great things to do in Alicante

Why go to Alicante? If you need a small getaway with culture, tasty food and nifty beaches? Alicante is the place for you! It is not big or neither to small, it is perfect for a weekend and will give…

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7 Great Things to do in Oslo
7 something, Europe, Norway, The World

7 Great Things to do in Oslo

As said before I don’t like long lists of things. Because then I will never decided what to do. This is one of the reason why I never manage to decided a movie on Netflix. I love when I just…

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The Liebster Award - Pauline Travels

The Liebster Award Discovering new Blogs

One day I received an Email from this really cool girl Renate that has the blog Red is an Attitude. She told me that she had nominated me for the The Liebster Award. An award that can only be given…

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