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7 Fabulous things to do in Buenos Aires

After living almost 4 months in Buenos Aires, I have a great list for things to do in Buenos Aires. There are some things you have to do in Buenos Aires before leaving this insane capital that really never sleeps and are surrounded with an energy like nowhere else in the world. The people are incredible, the meat from another world and the Fernet that never makes you hangover. This is the place to enjoy with all your heart and get lost in the streets of Buenos Aires.


7 Fabulous things to do in Buenos Aires

With a population that contain 3.004 million people

Big contrast to Oslo (Capital of Norway) that only contain 647 676 persons.

7 Fabulous things to do in Buenos Aires

7 Fabulous things to do in Buenos Aires


1. Exploring La Boca

La Boca the colorful neighborhood is one of the things to do in Buenos Aires. Take pictures of the famous houses and then leave the place before dark. The area is beautiful with all the colorful buildings and the funny design, but still dangerous by nights for tourists.

To be honest there are not so much more to see then only the lovely colorful houses and buy some expansive postcards. Or there are some people dancing tango, if you want to get a real introduction to the dance of Tango, I would recommend the theater at Palermo Hollywood for a Tango show or take Tango lessons. La Boca itself is for free and that is convenient for travelers on a budget.

That is La Boca; nothing interesting except from the colorful houses. Take the pictures and go to some other cool locations around Bueos Aires. There is so much more to see. Make sure you leave la Boca before dark, this is still a hard neighborhood and the chances of being robbed is just to high when it get´s dark. 

From Plaza Italia buses: 152, 39, 64  – How much time do you need: Maybe 2-3 hours.


7 Fabulous things to do in Buenos Aires



2. Visit Evita at La Recoleta Cemetery

This is Hollywood for the dead ones that are rich and famous. Speaking about things to do in Buenos Aires this is an absolutely most! The ornate monuments are incredible and you walk around wondering if the dead are partying in the night at one of the best locations in Recoleta.

I loved having my Argentinean friend walking and telling some of the stories about the people having their residents in the cemetery. We all want to see the tomb of Evita. Which is tricky to discover, funny enough. The mausoleum can be find with asking someone nicely – when having the face towards the door, it is on the right hand.


7 Fabulous things to do in Buenos Aires




3. D is For Dulce the Leche

D is for Delicious and Dulce the Leche which is Salty Caramel that is best in Ice Cream, if you ask me. You have to have it either on pastry, toast, coffee, or ice cream.

This is Argentina. This is there love of life, when you get crazy about the inflation and the fact that Argentina is expensive to live in. At least they have really good ice cream, but fucked up economy. Keep eating ice cream and support the local business with your eating!

7 Fabulous things to do in Buenos Aires - Dulce de Leche

Tufic – Helados

Guatemala 4597, Palermo Soho. Price, depends on how much you want. From 25 pesos – 100 pesos. We just love Tufíc This is our favorite place to go and pick up our ice rem. After a super heavy dinner.

In Argentina they suck when it comes to making good chocolate. They really do know how to make delicious ice cream. So instead of chocolate, ice cream is the thing to do. There are so many flavors. Here are some favorites: Super Dolce de leche, Chocolate Amargo and Mousse de maracujá. I normally never make it with more then one scoop for 25 pesos.



4. Go to the After party of San Telmo Market

If you are in San Telmo for the every Sunday street market that have 270 vendors selling almost all and nothing. You should definitely try to find the hidden after party of San Telmo Market. Watch the locals dance, drink beer and eat Choripan (Hotdog). If going to the market be careful with your money and Iphones.


7 Fabulous things to do in Buenos Aires




5. Eat Parilla in Palermo Soho, Viejo & Hollywood

Food is everything, and thereby a thing to do in Buenos Aires. When eating in Buenos Aires and only visiting for some days. You should visit the neighborhood of Palermo – Top 10 Places to Eat in Palermo Barrio. They have a great selection of everything and great selection of meat.

The Argentinean cows are outstanding!  They are so good. It´s like butter with meat taste, except from the Asado which is fatty for my taste. My favorite is the entraña attached to the ribs. That is not how the Argentinians like it, they prefer Asado. So there will be enough for everybody. I also liked the Vacío and Biff de Lomo. Of course you must have Argentinean cheese – Provoleta.

It´s sad to tell you, that after having meat in Argentina it´s not gonna be the same somewhere else.

7 Fabulous things to do in Buenos Aires - Parilla

Don Julio – Parilla

Guatemala 4699, 1425 Buenos Aires. Price from 250-450 pesos, it is expansive but worth it.

This is also a really good place to go if you want a great piece of meat and a nice atmosphere. It has everything that is necessary for a nice dinning and winning experience.

Remember to order side dishes if you need them, like the salad and potatoes. If smart make a reservation, if not you will get some sparkling wine while waiting for a table. I had a perfect Biffe de lomo. That was worth every penny or pesos I had. What can I say, the steak made me happy so did the wine, it was all a big happy ending for me. It is a bit tourist destination, but who care´s when the food is to die for.

Don Julio On Facebook

Las Cabras – Parilla

Fitz Roy 1795 Palermo Hollywood. From 100 – 200 pesos – Mas o Menos!

If you are staying for some more days in Buenos Aires and Palermo. Then you should go her and get the local feeling. Be dinning with the Porteños as well as some exchange student like me, that have discovered this little beauty. This is a really nice parilla place, the best is that you order a big plate with a bit of everything and then share it with friends. It so good, and the atmosphere is extraordinary! It is a popular place, it is always a good idea to go around 20.00 when the Porteños are still making their way out of the door. This is your advantage as a Gringo, that you don’t mind to eat little earlier then the Porteños.


6. Drink Fernet

After all that meat, the Argentinean drink Fernet. I think this is how to survive with so much meat in the stomach. Just go for it! In the end you will love it, but I can’t promise when that will be.

7 Fabulous things to do in Buenos Aires - FERNET BRANCA


7 Fabulous things to do in Buenos Aires - PREVIA




7. Buena Onda

Enjoy the energy is one of the important things to do in Buenos Aires. Still after almost 4 months, I struggle with explaining this, it is something that has to be experience on the soul. Everybody is busy with life but still there is a lifetime for enjoying life. Running in the park – Bosques de Palermo in the morning, go to school or work. Grab lunch in the midday, catch a Coffee and practice some Castellano con amigos de Argentinos, go and get some money change in the blue market.

Hit back home write a blog post, catch a power nap and prepare for the night. Go for dinner at 23:00 then enter the first Previa (Pre-party) then at around 03.00 Hit the second Previa and then around 04:00 enter the Boliches – Nightclub in Buenos AiresRosebar (rosebar.com.ar, Honduras 5445, Palermo Soho). Keep Dancing to 07.00 in the morning!! At around 08.00 enter the bakery for freshly baked Medialunes then go to bed and prepare to repeat for the next day! Buena Onda!


Things to do in Buenos Aires


Things to do in Buenos Aires

PM Open Air

Think day parties, a plethora of sublime local DJs and wall to wall crowds of beautiful electronic music loving locals. The parties do change location but are typically hosted either in Mar de Plata or within BA itself – 24 Hour Party People



7 Fabulous things to do in Buenos Aires


7 Fabulous things to do in Buenos Aires


7 Fabulous things to do in Buenos Aires



Last Word about 7 Fabulous things to do in Buenos Aires

There are so many things to do in Buenos Aires. I just touched the surface of this amazing city. You should definitely get some tango classes or shows and go for some classes of Castellano. Walk in Plaza de Mayo and visit Casa Rosado. G0 exploring in the streets and get lost in all the different neighborhoods. Catch some street art and some great brunches in Ninina Bakery in Palermo. Of course see a football game BOCA or RIVER? You cannot separate futbol from Buenos Aires.

If you want to see an important part of Argentinean history, visit Parque de la Memoria of the vicitims of Argentina’s dirty war. A war almost forgotten by Europe. I had my first introduction to this war in Argentina. Scary how some history is left not noticed in the history books.

If you have time explore more than Buenos Aires, go to Tigre and have relaxing days or even take the boat over to Uruguay. Or take the airplane to Iguazu falls or maybe the bus to Mendoza the wine district of Argentina. Or go the true Argentinean experience with spending an afternoon on the horseback with an Gaucho.

The things to do in Buenos Aires and Argentina are endless. It is great country for exploring! Even as a solo female traveler, I was feeling safe mostly of the times. When it gets dark and uncomfortable take a taxi. Be careful with your phones and eat with your purse in front of you. Then you are ready to go and do the many things to do in Buenos Aires.