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7 Great Affordable things to do in Monaco

Monaco is the second smallest country in the world after the Vatican. Monaco is the playground for the rich and famous in the Mediterranean and the glamorous getaway if you like champagne, cars, and casino.

Monaco in Panorma view


7 Great things to do in Monaco and Monte Carlo


There are other great things to do in Monaco that will not break your wallet as well. In this post, I will give you the budget friendly option as well some high-end options on spending time and money in Monaco.


Either coming in for day trip from France or Italy which is the most budget friendly option. Or doing 36 hours sleep over on a luxury hotel with the Casino by night and the Yacht watching by day. There are budget friendly options, and there are a billion options for spending your time in Monaco. The best part with Monaco is that it’s small and everything is within walking distance, even on short time you can see and experience a great amount of Monaco.



1. Famous City Center, Monte Carlo & Café Paris

The first thing to do in Monaco is to visit the neighborhood of Monte Carlo. The number 1 place to be is Café Paris for some serious people watching from all over the world, watching billion dollars designer cars lining up or passing the Monte Carlo casino on the front side. When being in Café Paris, order a glass of Champagne and enjoy the atmosphere of being in Monaco.

Cafe Paris in Monte Carlo is famous for people watching!


The Opera house in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Princess Grace in Monaco in the center of Monte Carlo

2. The Monte Carlo Casino

The Monte Carlo casino opened in 1863 is still going strong today. The Monte Carlo was my first time in Casino and maybe the grandest casino I will ever visit. Even do you don’t gamble, enter for 17 EUR with your passport and enjoy outstanding architecture and incredible atmosphere. Nothing has changed, enter the casino is walking back in time. The grandness is fitted with rococo ceilings, marble columns and antique chandeliers.

The famous casino Monte Carlo in Monaco.


Have a free cocktail, while you go around and feel the vibe for the blackjack tables and then play some blackjack and enjoy the thrilling moment of seeing the ball spinning around and with luck hitting your number!! Ending up driving home the Ferrari parked out front.


The casino as well as Monaco where the locations for some James Bond Movies, including Never Say Never Again, and GoldenEye.


3. Yacht Watching or Shopping?

Maybe you are not going to buy a 20 million dollar boat. Watching the Yacht is for free and for many gentlemen’s even fun. If you want to go shopping, just drop of your honey, and he can entertain himself for hours watching the yachts. The funniest things to check out is their names and where is their home port. My personal favorite was: Living the Dream! I’m pretty sure they were doing it on that four decker boat. The fun part is that registration of the yachts are more or less 80 present from Georg Town and the famous Cayman Islands, what a coincidence.

The harbor in Monaco is famous for housing millions of yachts



4. Eat Afordbule but as a Princesse

Monaco has many great restaurants to decide between, either from the Michelin-star Le Vistamar restaurant inside the Hotel Hermitage. Or the more local and affordable Bella Vita in the street of Princesse Carline 21. We decided to eat at Bella Vita first time for dinner and the second time for lunch. The food is authentic and tasty; this is Italian food that brings your heart warm and stomach satisfied. Yes, a small crush on the waiter Leo for his excellent service and an observant eye. For dessert, there should be a perfect melting chocolate fondant with pure vanilla ice cream that melts all perfectly on your tongue.

Next time in Monaco, I would like to have decadent breakfast or Champagne happy hour at Fairmont in Monte Carlo.


5. Prince’s Palace of Monaco

Prince´s Palace of Monaco is the current and official residence of the Prince of Monaco. Every day at exactly 11:55 am the changing of the guard takes place. Time your walking if you would like to see the change. This Palace is where Princess Grace lived.

Prince’s Palace of Monaco

6.  Spectacular Cathedral

The Cathedral is the final resting place of Monaco’s beloved Princess Grace. Is worth walking through and even sit down and have a quiet moment.



7. Walk Around the Old Town

My personal favorite was walking in the old city narrows streets that were established in the middle ages. Of course walking into the chocloateria of Monaco.



If you want to read more about Monaco, I highly recommend this excellent blog post from Kevin and Amanda.



7 Great Affordable things to do in Monaco