Touching Ground and Being home

Six months on the road, out from home, Out from Norway, Out from safe ground. So many people, So many adventures and so many stories. They are processing around my head. Returning back home and touching ground is wonderful, my head have not landed yet. I´m still realizing –  How lucky I´m to see so much of the world. It was an amazing time, and returning home I´m realizing that I did see 8 countries with amazing things. Every country has its own beauty.

Touching Ground in Hollywood Boardwalk in Miami

Touching Ground


I have around 4 000 pictures from this trip with people, smiles, memories, culture and countries. I´m processing as well as trying to catch up with everybody and figure out what to do next.

What are you going to do now? Is the big question everybody keeps asking me. To be honest, I haven´t thought so much about it. Of course I´m looking for a job, because I need some money on my bank account. I really don´t worry. I´m not afraid for working, so there will be a solution. Money will come and go, the memories will always stay.