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The Travel Year 2016

The year of 2016 has been a curved time for me. Returning back home from traveling in 2015 and re-adjust to everything have not been easy. Then again is life ever easy? During the time finding my new way of things. I had the pleasure of traveling: solo, with my sister, family and friends. I did not explore any new countries, I did explore some new cities and returned to some places I already love. The best thing about being back home in Europe. Is that everything is closer and the flight tickets cheaper. This is why I went to Alicante, Santorini, Antiparos, Paros, Athens, Rome and Puerto Rico.


Travel home to Family in Åheim

It is not another country, it is beautiful Norway and my hometown, Åheim. I always feel that the breath is slowing down and being more in peace when crossing the mountain and driving into Åheim. I can see the fjords and the mountain and smell the fresh salty air coming in by the furious Stadt Ocean; that is famous for the hardest weather conditions in Norway as well some of the best surfing. Åheim is for many a not known place, but it is a scenic place hidden in the fjords of Vanylven. Åheim deliver excellent fishing and nature attractions. Hiking in the mountain with a fjord view.

The post about: Fishing West Coast Norway with Eagle Safari – Was posted in March and I don’t know how, but I had 2 000 people reading it at 1 day.  Which was amazing!

Fishing West Coast with Sea Eagle safari

Sunday trip to Ervik, right by the Stadt Ocean. A 30 minute drive from Åheim.




Solo Travel to Alicante

In May, I was desperate for a small weekend getaway and to feel the freedom of being on the road again. By this I went on a mini adventure to Alicante from Oslo for 4 days. Alicante was spot on! This little city delivers richness in culture, city-life, Castillo with a viewing point, beach and adventure.


I had the pleasure of meeting some really cool people there. One night I ended up talking with this British couple, they where lovely and a bit worried about my tinder date. He arrived to the table and was approved, the evening could continue. In this evening I discovered the best mojito bar and some of Alicante best places to dance! We had so much fun dancing, was actually drinking water to celebrate all the good dancing!


My Post about: 7 Great things to do in Alicante – Has been very popular this year. It is the favorite post this year! Somehow people discovered it by Pinterest


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7 great things to do in Alicante


Sailing with Dad in Sweden’s West Coast

Coming from a family that grew up by the ocean and my dad that have worked around all the oceans in the world. There is nothing more natural than a sailing vacation. This time we went exploring Sweden’s West Coast which is famous in the summer for its scenery and warm atmosphere of happy people vacationing. Of course dad was Captain and Leo the dog was making sure to get the best spot on the boat.


Sailing in Sweden's west coast - Pauline Travels



Sister Vacation in Cyclades

In July it was time for some sister vacation in Cyclades, which I love. Because I have a cool sister. That still enjoys vacation with little sister. The best thing about traveling with my sister is that she has a great amount of patience. Which is the best when traveling! There is nothing more irritating than people who can’t relax and just enjoy a view or a crazy hike in 30 degrees from Fira to Oia. Not our best decisions but still we did it. It was a cool experience and something we would never do again! We did not complain. mostly laughing of our smart decisions of making the hike.


Another great quality about my sister is that she can do things even do it’s not for her. When I wanted to go to Santo’s Winery we did, she had her soda, and I had my six glasses of tasting! We enjoyed maybe one of the best view in Santorini.


In Antiparos we found our paradise! The best Greek island, where even Tom Hanks hang around. This little Island of Tranquility gave us the vacation mood and some relaxing days.


Athens a sizzling time, it is always cool to experience the capital. It kinda gives a more realistic view of the country. When arriving to Athens you are remained that Greece has struggled hard with the financial crisis and unemployment. There is garbage everywhere in the city, payments that needs to be fixed and construction that stopped halfway. Even do the Greek people do go out, they only go for one drink the whole night, because that is what the budget allows.


The best part of Athens was the Mesmerizing Acropolis!

Family Weekend in Rome

Actually this was my first time in Rome and the beginning of October! Before I have only been 48 Hours in Florence. Rome is the capital of the world. I have been watching this city endless of times on TV, magazines and books. Finally it was my time to be in Rome. When in Rome you explore. We went walking and almost manage to step back in the Roman Empire time with visiting Colosseum, The Pantheon and Paletine Hill & Roman Forum.


For me the best part was being there together with family and friends of the family. Walking around and watch historic monuments on every corner. It is truly a city of history. Let´s not forget about the Pizza!! The best pizza was in Trastevere!





Vacation with friends in Puerto Rico

The restaurant that I now work in was reopening from Brazzeria til Oliva Østbanehallen, I received a week of forced vacation. Then I was not going to be in Oslo. Collected some of my great work colleges and went to summer and sun in Puerto Rico. Left Oslo with 0 degrees arrived to Puerto Rico with 27 degrees, there is nothing more to ask for!


Maybe one of my most lazy week for a long time. To be honest we did not do much, more or less beach, dinner, home and repeat. Which was great! Arrived back home to the 1st of November with a tan. Successful week in Puerto Rico.


Since I was in Puerto Rico last year with family, I did not feel guilty of not exploring. Because I had done it before. Sometimes I think it is okay, to just do nothing. This is why I sometimes like to return to places I have visit before, because there is no pressure on seeing everything and exploring.


Last Word about 2016

Thank you for the memorize and the great travels! I’m really ready for 2017 and my trip to Colombia. A new Adventure. I want to thank everyone that is coming by reading and dropping comments. I love it! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and love for traveling. I hope you would continue to follow Pauline Travels on the next adventure in South America starting in February 2017.


Best wishes for the New Year, let’s hope that 2017 will be another year with beautiful memories and exciting adventures!


What was your favorite travel Memory in 2016?

Any travel goal for 2017?

Safe Travels.