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Vacation Mood

Don’t we all just love that feeling. When you finally can relax and just not think about anything. Who cares if you didn’t do a shit today, you are on vacation mood! Enjoy it and relax. Well that is what I have been doing this last week or is it 10 days in Florida, who cares, who knows, it´s vacation mood. No alarms on the phone, only a cat or two asking for food as my only alarm now. It is so good to not have any plans or especially goals for the day. Just enjoying.


Creating new memories and not rushing it…Creating the story for this Summer!

So I can play it on repeat when the fall has arrived and reality is back.


Even the Cat is on Vacation Mood

IMG_0997Or maybe he is just on Florida Mood with the heat


In Florida on vacation with my sister and house sitting for family friends that are having vacation in Norway. Enjoying very much the Sunshine state and the fact that I don´t have to do anything, if I don´t want to. So nice to just really relax and have complete vacation mood on.

For me as said earlier on the blog, vacation mood is when; I can slow down and don´t worry about not doing much or nothing. I love when I can have a complete lazy day, sometimes it´s just what I need. Either it is listing to music the whole day while laying on the beach or just being in bed and catch up with Netflix, because I can. So naughty, but so good.


Vacation mood and lazy mood, It´s on.



Vacation Mood Rules

  1. No alarms
  2. No plans
  3. No restrictions on food or drinks
  4. No requires sightings if not wanted
  5. No need of doing anything if you don´t want





Happy Summer

Happy Vacation Mood








Let´s all have Vaction Mood

and enjoy the moment.