Lazy Sunday, Norway

West Coast of Norway is stunning

Sometimes I forget how beautiful home is. I just reminded myself with these pictures from Ervik and Hoddevik. This is 30 min from my home place in Norway and three hours from Ålesund city and it´s stunning, so beautiful. The West coast of Norway is a must discover, when traveling in the country.

West Coast of Norway is stunning –  On a clear day!

Stunning panoramic view in all directions


West Coast of Norway is stunning - panorma view



West Coast of Norway is stunning at West Cape

Ervik – Surfer´s HotSpot


West Coast of Norway at Ervika beach


On a good day


West Coast of Norway is stunning, even the dog is happy about it


Louise, doing West Coast for first time!

My dear Louise exploring West Coast of Norway for the first time

Fjords and Mountains = Norway 

Looking into Ervika


West Coast of Norway by the sea

Furious Stadt Ocean

Stadt the furious ocean

The harbour

West Coast of Norway and the famous Hoddevik when it comes to surfing

When I was a kid, we only did body surfing, we can still do. A  lot of the people in Hoddevika arrive with there surf boards from all over the world.

Surf Stadt – Lapoint and then you also have Stadsurfing – Surf-Movie-Stadt 

We do swimming there


Louise & Me, so happy after having a nice swim in the ocean.

It was refreshing (15 degrees)

having fun with my Best friend

My Sister & Me – Love 

Me and my sister

Louise was lucky and got to see the West Coast on it´s best behaviour 





Beach view



The road to Hoddevik -Let´s go


West Coast of Norway and the crazy road down Hoddevika


You, love Norway no?


Are you coming to visit

the West Coast of Norway ?