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7 Tasty places to Eat in Lima

Eat in Lima is an easy task to do. Why? Because its brilliant food. It is a fusion of everything and maybe the best food scene in Latin America. Lima as a gastronomic city, it has varieties of 3 000 potatoes, that gives new inventing ways of eating, but are at the same time making the Peruvian food getting more attention national and Internationale. Now we know about Quinoa and the super benefits it has: That is because of globalization.


Fun part was that actually in Peru, I was feeling close to Scandinavia. I think this is something about respecting the local ingredients around you and the richness of the Pacific Ocean. The Peruvians eat everything in the sea like Scandinavian do. In Peru, I was eating seafood that was as good as the Scandinavian seafood. In that case I was very happy, because I was home, fare away from home.


I love how food can make you closer or give a great memory of your life. Food is everything for me. In the end it don’t matter where you from, it don’t matter if you are rich or poor, we are all looking for the same good food and the memories to share about it.

Peru and all the fruits it has from the amazon. The fruit market in Lima


Creating the best pisco sour with Lima Gourmet Comany exploring Miraflores



Preparing Ceviche in the Peruvian way also known as the right way. In lima in the neighborhod of Miraflores

Eat in Lima, the Gastronomic city of Latin America


To be honest the only reason, I went to Lima was because of the Food Scene, that my Peruvian friend back home in Norway was from Lima. I wanted to see his city and eat in Lima. There are many things to do in Lima, but the number 1. thing to do is the food scene, even the Lima gourmet tour can be a great thing to do.


7 Tasty places to eat in Lima

The Girls having lunch, Sex & the city in Peru. At this point I was missing my girls back in Norway.



1. El Pan de la Chola in Miraflores

Seriously, the best breakfast I had in Peru. I wish, I went more times their! I loved it their. In Peru they do have great avocados, that taste like butter. Enjoy those great, avocados while you have them.


7 Tasty places to eat in Lima

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2. Mi Peru in Barranco

I was living in the neighborhood of Barranco for some days, I totally enjoyed getting lost in the neighborhood there. Then there was Mi Peru, that had the most delicious crab soup for lunch.


If you are in Barranco, you should definitely go to Mi Peru and taste this mouth-watering soup.

7 Tasty places to eat in Lima - MI Peru, Barranco

More Instagram pictures of  Mi Peru, Barranco.


3. La Mar De Gaston in Miraflores

The Best Ceviche in Lima?

La Mar is number 12 out of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants

When being in Peru and being in Lima you must have Ceviche! It´s the freshest of the freshest. Of course you have it for lunch, not for dinner. Because you want to eat it right after they delivered the catch of the day.



For this you should definitely plan a stop at La Mar De Gaston! It was delicious seafood and even on short time in Lima, you will feel that you have experience a lot of Peruvian culture when having your lunch at this restaurant. Maybe the best Ceviche in Lima!



Seafood specialist Andrés Rodríguez hypnotize diners with a vast array of Ceviche. Definitely have some Chalaca de Causas to cure any hangover of to many Pisco Sour.


7 Tasty places to eat in Lima

More Instagram pictures of La Mar De Gaston at Miraflores


4. Restaurant Huaca Pullcana

When I was in Lima, I went on the The Lima Gourmet Company tour. One of the stop was Huaca Pullcana, in the restaurant there was in introduction to many specialists of Peru.


We had an outstanding dessert plate that did take us to heaven and back. If you have the splurge and want to have lunch in the ruins of Hucaca Pullcana, then you should visit the restaurant. After dessert go and actually check out the ruins and the museum.

Restaurant Huaca Pullcana


Restaurant Huaca Pullcana

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5. Lu Lucha in Miraflores

The best sandwich I had in Peru. They deliver the best Comfy meal ever and the best pineapple juice. This place or the Sandwich gave me a smile again after a long day of traveling from Cusco to Peru.


This place is close to the Parque Kennedy and all the 50 cats that lives there. This is an opportunity to eat and then watch cats in the Park Kennedy.



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6. La Canta Rana in Barranco

In La Canta Rana there is a Cevhice that can be done at lunch time. Go there and have some of the freshest Ceviche in Lima with the other locals hanging around in the restaurant. I loved this place, because it was authentic and the food was tasty and fresh. The owner was charming and eager to help us on what to decide from there tasty menu.


7 Tasty places to eat in Lima




7. The Lima Gourmet Company

I normally don’t talk so much about a tour company. When I like a concept, I do talk about it; The Lima Gourmet Company did have a great choice of Lima and the food scene. If you are short on time and went to explore some of the best Lima have to offer on the food scene, I would recommend the Lima Gourmet Company. Of course at the end of the day you will be a professional on making Peru National cocktail which is Pisco Sour.


7 Tasty places to eat in Lima




Last word for 7 Tasty places to eat in Lima

There are many places to eat in Lima. I would say go exploring and go eating. Enjoy the culinary food scene, where ever you are in the city, you can find delicious food.


My list of 7 tasty places to eat in Lima, was highly influenced by another person. That was the girl Allie that is behind the blog Pick up the Fork (amazing food blog for Latin America) and I decided to follow her guide: On where to eat in Lima – The Restaurant Bible. I didn’t manage them all, but some of the restaurants. I have to come back and finish the list of eating.



Any recommendation for my return to Lima?


7 Tasty places to Eat in Lima, Peru. Including the best Ceviche.