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Courage to Travel around the world

Courage to travel is something I got with just doing it. I just went and did it because I badly wanted to do it. I love a challenge and traveling as Solo Female Traveler around the world was a rewarding challenge that increased my courage. You can be brave as well! You just have to find your courage to travel and then you will be out there exploring as well.


Courage to Travel

Where you are now, I have been there. I was there for two years ago. It’s a challenge to actually take the big leap and go traveling. It’s scary, especially if it is the first time. To actually take the first step is the biggest challenge! When you are out there seeing that you are okay it will be easier to believe that you are good and easier to take the next step.

The truth is that everybody can travel. If I can go traveling, then you can travel. All we need is some courage to travel and the empowerment to take the first step out in the beautiful world.


How to find the Courage to Travel?

Courage is to do these crazy things that frightens you. If one of them is traveling. We need to reduce the level of frightens and higher the level of excitement. When traveling there are so many thing that frightens people – Will I be safe, will I have enough money, will I be lonely,  Will I be completely disconnected from home? 

I have asked these question many times when I started to travel. I will assure you these are the basic question.

Now I’m more like: Will it be a crazy adventure, will I have enough money to do all this activities. I really want to swim with whale sharks! will I have enough time to relax?


What is your biggest frighten for traveling?

You need to answer these basic questions to reduce the frightens. The courage to travel you will find in some of these question, when you answered them. The answered are spread out in the world throughout different travel bloggers that have already done some answering on how to reduce frightens for traveling.


Her are some answers on the biggest frighten for traveling


You will find out, that most of the places you will be safe. You will find great information about how to stay safe while traveling and how to avoid unsafe places.


Will you have enough money? It depends if you are a good saver, planer and have some extra money for unexpected cost. Money is the biggest problem for people when deciding to travel. I understand that because without its difficult to travel.

You can change it, If you really want to travel you can change the money problem. You can make it work.


The best advice for that is just stop buying thing you don’t need! Do you really need 15 dresses and 10 shoes? Seriously, you will be shocked on how much money you can save if you just stop shopping, give it a go.

After your first travel, you will be amazed that you manage to survive with only two dresses, two skirts and one shorts and with a backpack only weighing 10 kg. If you have an apartment, rent it out with AirBnb and save money while traveling or get money to spend on your accommodation some were exotic.

With signing up at AirBnb, You get 25 US dollars to spend on accommodation. That can be 2 nights with accommodation in Thailand or 1 night in Mexico or Galapagos. The possibility is endless. Go Travel. AirBnb is a great way to rent unique and local accommodations on any budget. I love using it!


 Money will come and go, the memories will always stay


Will I be lonely?

I have traveled for the last two years solo. I haven’t been very lonely. The times I have been lonely, I actually needed a break from being social all the time. If you get lonely and a bit homesick put on your favorite show, I somehow always end up with FRIENDS on Netflix. Or do some Face-time with your best friends and they will make you smile and feel better. Almost every corner has WiFi these days.

Traveling is a very social thing

If you decided to travel alone, there are so many people who would like to talk with you. It’s not so scary to talk to one person than interrupting a group with 7 girls gone crazy. I do believe that the majority of people in the world want’s good thing for each other. I believe in faith and the human kind. When you do there will be awesome people maybe even life changing.


Will everything change at home and will you be disconnected from home?

When returning home from travel you will realize that not much changed. The world at home continued as normal. You learned tremendous from your traveling, the once that changed the most is you! The people who stays at home and don’t travel will sometimes not understand you. That’s okay. We are different persons.

Then you are officially lost in traveling, good luck with curing that

I have talked with people, in their 60s they have still not cured it. You are warned, if you start travel, be aware it can be tough to stop when you have started on crazy adventures.


When finding the courage to travel, start finding the answers on the question that stop you for going traveling. I promise you, I have been very frighten! Sometimes thinking why in the world am I doing this!! Then when I was standing with an amazing view over Machu Picchu, I knew way. I want to see it with my own eyes and I want to feel the experience on my body.

My best advice for finding courage to travel  is to get inspired by other people who have already done it. Getting some answers for the questions that frightens and then take the leap.



People that inspired me to go Traveling


YtravelBlog – Caz and Craig they are really making a difference for travelers around the world. They have great information about reducing the frightens for traveling. They have a great section for: How can we help you travel more? This blog is one of the blog that put my ass out in the world. Thank you Caz and Craig for being inspiring. How to save money before travel

AdventurousKateThe Queen of female solo traveling. She has all the information you need to know about having an amazing time going solo around the world. Kate have funny and important post like: The Secret to Solo Female Travel Confidence: Drink Champagne. Kate is a must Follow.

YoungAdventuress – Liz think she is just badass. She is so cool and just really honest about how life is traveling and how awesome New Zealand is, that is so true! Love NZ. She has great stuff about becoming a travel blogger as well. We are all hoping for the break through someone is giving us a reality check. That is needed, because it takes time to be successful blog. I just love Liz, she seems like the girl next door, that we could be friends if we meet up somewhere in the world. 5 surprising things you learn as a solo female traveler

Exportvagabond – Matt do the most amazing things around the world. His adventures are on another level. I love following him on his crazy trips. He has article like this: My 30 Best Travel Tips after 4 years Traveling the World

Of course, I have many more people who inspires me for traveling. These are the one that are really making it easy to find some answers on why you should go traveling as soon as possible and how to do it.



Take action and have your own adventures

Have a fun time, learn a lot and get great memories

Courage to Travel

One of the funniest thing I did in Australia, plane ride over Fraser Island.

  Courage to TravelPeople being friends in Wellington the Capital of New Zealand – On a free walking tour

Courage to TravelThe best curry I had in Sri Lanka, a small guesthouse close to their National Park Yala.

Courage to travel Mirissa Beach – Whale Watching in Sri Lanka

Courage to travel Bangkok, hanging out with other travelers as well. Arranging a Selfie.

  Courage to travel with crazy people you meet in a restaurantSaid Yes to have crazy motorbike ride to the Viewing Point of Sairee Beach – Koh Tao

Courage to travel with your sister for two weeks vacation Said Yes to have local food in Bangkok with my Sister

  Courage to travel and say yes to great adventure Said Yes to have an awesome time in Iguazu with my Best Friend from UK.

Courage to travel in a new coutnry and maybe even live there for sometime Said YES to discover Argentina and South America


Courage to travel and meet new friends Said YES to travel with Germany and Argentina for the Machu Picchu adventure

Courage to travel to Machu Picchu alone




From the childhood, I went on Sunday trips out in the nature around home, now I go on adventure around the world.

 I love going some were new, discover and be curios about life and people.




Did you find any Courage to Travel?