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Top 10 Places to Eat in Palermo Barrio

I will present my top 10 places to eat in Palermo. I have done 10 weeks with eating in Palermo Soho and 2 more weeks to come. I really love this area when it comes to eating. People that knows me, know how much I love food and how important that is for making my day a good day. Even my spanish class know how much I love food. I always manage to turn my spanish homework into something food related. Quiero comer dulce de leche todo día.

I love talking about food and eating it, so I will have to have blog post about it. This post is my preferences when it comes to eat in Palermo. There is still places I haven’t been to yet, this is the places I have been to so far. More to know, is that Palermo is one of the really good area in Buenos Aires when it comes to having a big selection of different places to eat. Which is perfect if you love food like I do. If I would recommend a barrio to eat in it would be: eat in Palermo Barrio, because you will find outstanding meat, everywhere.


I hate eating food just because you have to. It has to be something more. It has to be delicious!  

Top 10 Places to Eat in Palermo

Top 10 Places to Eat in Palermo Barrio

La Hormiga – Parilla 

Armenia 1680, C1414DKJ. Price around: 100-200 pesos for a meal.

It is a lovely parilla (barbecue place) you really get a good feeling of the Argentinaen life. It has a bit of everything when it comes to have something from the parilla. We love eating our stakes here in the week days. It is a nice place to go on a Wednesday and just get a Biff de Lomo or an Entraña. Or maybe Bife de Chorizo. They tend to cook the meet in Argi- Style which is a little bit to much. So if you like you meat medium go for raw. You should also try to chess plate or if it´s to much just go for Provoleta that is a national chess. We love this place because of the food and not for the service, just at you know. We recommend it me and my house mates.


Argentina 🇦🇷 Extraño!! La Comida de Mejor 🙌🏼

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Burger Joint 

Borges 1766 (y costa rica). Price: 90 pesos for a hamburger w/fries + beer. They are ranked at the 29 best burger in the World. So I will definitely recommend to give it a try. They are so good and the meat is fantastic as always in Argentina. My personal favorite are Jamaican and Blue Chess. French fries are so good! you just wanna die after your done eating that is how good it is. If you go for fries you have to make sure you get all there homemade sauces Coriander Mayo, Curry Ketchup and Spicy sauce. If you have a hangover or a long night in front of you, this is the place to go and be prepared or fixed. We all love burger joint, you can see it on our loyalty card were we collect our stamps for every time we go there. Top 10 Places to Eat in Palermo Barrio - Burger Joint Burger Joint On Facebook  

Tufic – Helados

Guatemala 4597, Palermo Soho. Price, depends on how much you want. From 25 pesos – 100 pesos. We just love it here. This is our favorite place to go and pick up our ice rem. After a super heavy dinner. In Argentina they suck when it comes to making good chocolate. They really do know how to make good ice cream. So instead of chocolate, ice cream is the thing to do. There are so many flavors. Here are some favorites: Super Dolce de leche, Chocolate Amargo and Mousse de maracujá. I normally never make it with more then one scoop for 25 pesos.

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La Cabrera – Parilla

Jose A. Cabrera 5099. Price depends on what time you go. Best is to go between 7-8 PM get 40 % off the entire meal and your wine as well. If you are a budget traveller or a student like me, it´s the perfect deal. If you are a foreigner, It would probably be a perfect dinner time as well. Win-win.

Seriously, this is the place you want to go for a great experience of Argentinean meat. Waiters are educated and welcoming in assisting you to make the decisions on cut of meat and on how to cook it. They cook it preciously how you order it, this is not a place were you take consideration on the Argentinean way of cooking the meat. You really don’t have to order mucho more than the meat, it come with a lot of nice side dishes that are also very fulfilling and delicious. Just enjoy the experience. It is a must try if you are staying in Buenos Aires.


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Las Cabras – Parilla

Fitz Roy 1795 Palermo Hollywood. From 100 – 200 pesos – Mas o Menos!

If you are staying for some more days in Buenos Aires and Palermo. Then you should go her and get the local feeling. You will be dinning with the Porteños as well as some exchange student like me, that have discovered this little beauty. This is a really nice parilla place, the best is that you can order a big plate with a little bit of everything and then share it with your people. It so good, and the atmosphere is just so nice! It is a popular place, it is always a goode idea to go around 20.00 when the Porteños are still making their way out of the door. This is your advantage as a Gringo, that you don’t mind to eat little earlier then the Porteños.


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Don Julio – Parilla

Guatemala 4699, 1425 Buenos Aires. Price from 250-450 pesos, it is expansive but worth it.

This is also a really good place to go if you want a great piece of meat and a nice atmosphere. It has everything that is necessary for a nice dinning and winning experience. Remember to order your side dishes if you need them, like the salad and potatoes. If you are smart you make a reservation, if not you while get some sparkling wine while waiting for a table. I had a perfect bife de lomo. That was worth every penny or pesos I had. What can I say, the steak made me happy so did the wine, it was all big happy ending for me. It is a bit tourist destination, but who care´s when the food is to die for.

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Ninina bakery

Gorriti 4738, Palermo Soho. Price from 50 – 200 pesos, it depends on how big plans you have for breakfast/brunch/lunch.

This is my place when it comes to having a ultimate Brunch time. Just go for the brunch menu and be a bit crazy. The food is so good and it is just what you need after a heavy Saturday with partying. It is the place for recovering and great coffee as well as juices, smoothies or lemonades (Argentineans are for some reason really really good at making lemonades, just saying). Would definitely do to the brunch menu, it gives a bit of everything. I know, I said it two times, it is that good.

 Ninina Breakfast & Brunch pictures

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Fifi Almacén

Gorriti 4812, Palermo. Price from 50 – 150 pesos

If you didn’t get a table at Ninina, then go to Fifi. They also have a decent breakfast and lunch as well? I have only had breakfast once there. Everything is organic, that is really nice.

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B-Blue Deli & Natural Bar

Armenia 1692, Palermo. Price from 50 – 150 pesos

This a nice place to go for lunch and have some healthy natural eating. I love the lemonade her as well as the veggie burger was nice.

B-Blue Deli & Natural Bar

Spring – Local Insider place

Guatemala 4452. Price from 20-70 pesos (It depends on how much you want to have as a take away)

If you are staying around for some time or on tight budget, then this is a nice place to know. It is a place to love and embrace for being the most convenient take away place. It is the place for the days, were just don’t have time to cook or to spend to much money on eating. It is a perfect place if you need a break from meat heaven in Palermo, it only provides with vegetarian food. Everything from salad, sushi, pasta, tofu, veggie burger and so on. We love this place so those the Porteños as well. There is a line before opining at 08.30 PM, the earlier you come the fresher and bigger selection you will have.



Eat in Palermo Barrio must be done when visiting Buenos Aires

If not you haven´t experiences it all. The food scene in Palermo is just delicious heart warming and rib-sticking. It has some of the best meat in Argentina teaming up with some of the greatest Malbec wines. It is all put together in the Barrio of Palermo, it gives you the perfect ending of a day in Buenos Aires. One night you have to try to go for the Tufic ice cream as well, it is Argentina. Maybe you will see grandmother having ice cream at 00.00.


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Eat in Palermo, you will be a happy person.