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7 Awesome Questions about Galapagos

I decided to ask myself: 7 Questions about my Galapagos experience in an backpackers eye – I hope it will be interesting for other travelers planning their trip to San Cristobal in Galapagos.


Questions about Galápagos are often about the price


Visiting Galapagos is for amazing animal life

The animal life in Galapagos, we all know it’s special and something very unique. We are all very excited to see it. To actually be on the island walk among the animals is so rare and beautiful. Sea lions are taking over the bench and the beaches, just enjoying life as only sea lions can. They are just amazing. On the island you can see a lot of the animal life for free. Sea lions are free to watch; the same go for the pelicans, blue-footed boobies, marine iguanas, sea turtles, frigate birds and fishes.


Of course if you go an on some daily tours either diving, snorkeling and hiking you can also see more animals like Hammerhead sharks, Galapagos Shark, Black tip reef sharks, White tip reef sharks and many sea turtles from my dive tour at Kicker Rock, 180 US. Then one day tour to Punta Pitt you can see the red-footed booby (100 US super deal). Then there are places you can walk on the island of San Cristobal to watch animal life for free as well. There are options for the budget.


12 days in San Cristóbal

7 Awesome Questions about Galapagos


1. How expansive was Galapagos?

To get to the island is the expansive part. When you are in the island you can do a lot of things for free. It doesn’t coast you anything to walk around and watch sea-lions, turtles, blue footed boobies, pelicans, marine iguanas and frigate birds. Maybe you have to pay 2 US dollars for renting snorkeling gear if you didn’t bring your own. Don’t need to go on a cruise to explore the wonders of Galapagos.


The beaches and the bay on the islands are free to use. When it comes to accommodation, I did have really nice room for 15 US a night with AC, hot water and TV, breakfast not included it cost me 3 US a day. Lunch went for around 3-5 US a day and dinner for around 10-20 US. They thing that did cost for me was the diving which was around 150-180 US for a two tank dive, depending on the dive I was taking. That was my biggest expanse on this trip, but it was so worth the money. That was where wanted to use my money on this trip. Also did a day trip to Punta Pitt for 100 US.


In 12 days in Galapagos, ended up spending around 1 150 US, with the park fee included, 6 dives, one day tour to Punta Pitt, accommodation and food included in the price. Not crazy expansive, but of course I could compare it and have a month for the same money in Thailand, this was an awesome experience and totally worth the extra money. I did what I wanted to do: I went to Galapagos and had a great adventure!


I dint have anything booked when I arrived there, I just walked around and checked prices and deals when I was on the Island, that worked out great for me. The only thing I knew before going: was that I wanted to dive, snorkel and do a day trip or two.


Have a small plan on what you want to do and what you want to see of the islands and the animal life. It´s a bit more expansive than a normal place, it´s still affordable. You just need to plan a bit more before going, so you have time to enjoy the island not worrying about the money. Then just go and enjoy!

Make sure you have saved enough money for the activities that you want to do.

 6 Questions about Galápagos - 1. How expansive was it?


2. What was my biggest surprise? 

The sea lions, I really didn’t know that the sea lions were that relaxed about the life on the island. They really don’t care that you are a human and want to be close (2 meter) and lock at them our take pictures. They are everywhere on the island of San Cristobal, they have even taken over one of the beaches for their own pleasure. I didn’t know that they were a big fan of group spooning as well as super excellent in doing underwater yoga; their flexibility is impressive – on another level.



6 Questions about Galápagos 2. What was my biggest surprise




3. What was the best beach in Galapagos?

To be honest, I think this one is really difficult. Las Tijeretas, Punta Carola, Playa Mann and La loberia are all really good places in their different ways. I would absolutely go to them all. Then revisited your favorite. Personally, I loved Las Tijeretas because I had an amazing experience playing with the sea-lion in the water there. I also like Play Mann because it´s so easy to go there, no need for a long hike or anything, it is just there on the road, so you can easily go there to just relax or just have quick swim.

Playa Mann – Free and great place to relax

Questions about Galápagos 3. What is the best beach or bay

Las Tijeretas with great snorkeling

Questions about Galápagos and the best bay for swimming



4. What was the most amazing thing I did?

It has to be diving at Kicker Rock with a big load of sharks and sea turtles. My last dive there was maybe my best dive so far in life. The visibility was good, and I was good as well, totally relaxed and ready to enjoy the experience. In my dive I ended up seeing hammerhead sharks, Galápagos shark, Black tips reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, sea turtles and sea lions, an experience for a lifetime. WATCH the VIDEO  


I used a lot of money on diving – 450 US dollars / 3 tours & 6 dives in total. It was well-spent money if you ask me. It was also very amazing playing with the sea-lion at Las Tijeretas in the water for 15 minutes, that was completely free.


Questions about Galápagos 4. The most amazing thing I did




5. What was the best food?

The best food for me was at San José Parilla, behind the main road and up to the left. Just ask a local for direction. At San José, the seafood or what you would like is heaven on a plate. It is easy food that is maid delicious. Couldn’t ask for more. I went for the prawns with a really nice cilantro and garlic mix on, of course you get served with rice and beans with it, in true Galapagos style. It only cost 15 US dollars. Food as it should be. I was so hungry so there is no picture of it.



Questions about Galápagos 5. Where was the best food on the island


6. What was the scariest thing I did?

It is a bit funny, but it was very scary to go to the local discoteca and realizing that I can’t dance a shit of what they were doing. Seriously, my hips just don’t move like that. To dance like that, would normally be in another room. Surprisingly, I was suddenly a bit shy on the discoteca, well there is a first thing for everything, ding-dong! I love the music do, so sad that my hips can´t move to it, yeah maybe in five years there will be hope.







7. What was the coolest in Galapagos?

Watching fearless wildlife, sea lions sleeping on the bench on the street, on the stairs. Marina Iguana just chilling on the beach and Blue Footed boobies having a break on the malecon. A normal day in animal paradise, a best day experience for an animal lover that is fascinated by this animal paradise.


Questions about Galápagos - Yes the animal life is everywhere!

San Cristóbal the best island in Galápagos