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Gaucho is the ultimate Argentinean Experience

We feel the Need for Speed

with the Gaucho

I had the time of my life this Sunday. My Argentinean friends invited me to go outside of Buenos Aires and experience some true Argentinean roots. We went horse riding for two hours with our gauchos and their horses. My friend told me that she wasn’t so good in horse riding, so I had this thought that we were only gonna have a slowly walk with the horses. Such a BULLSHIT! The girl can ride horses.


I guess that Argentinean and horses is a bit similar like Norwegian and skiing 

we all know how to do it, we were born with it.  

Gaucho is the ultimate Argentinean Experience - riding away on the pampas
Gaucho is the ultimate Argentinean Experience her with girls enjoying the pampas



We all went for the speed! the horses in Argentina they can run, they can run fast. It was super fun. We were so many horses and riders, that there was only a big cloud of dust when we started to go for the speed. I really got remained on how much fun it is to be on a horseback again. At one point, I was at the back of the line with my horse and the two gauchos, the others had already started of into full speed. Then it was me and two gauchos left.


My horse really didn’t like to be on the back line. So I let him go. I had to scream of excitement, because it went so fast! Gauchos know how to go fast with their horses. It was crazy speed. My horse was totally into that speed. So that was a big Adrenalin rush. I had sand in my mouth and I had to wipe my glasses for dust after. Super happy! This is what I like to do.


Martin a true Gaucho

Martin a true Gaucho


One of the gaucho was, Martin. I think we all agree on that; we loved him, his lovely personality and laugh. So much fun, even for me that didn’t understand much. It was all on in spanish. You can read a lot in body language. He is a hilarious man with great passion for horses. He has been in movies as well. Nice to know. He is also single. If you and your girl friends is single things can be arranged. Anyway back to the point. He has big love when it comes to training horses and earning their trust. The things that he did with the horses is amazing. It is really a huge task to get the trust of 600 kg horse to be on his back and have a man on him. The horse would never have done that, if it wasn’t trust. We were so lucky to see how he worked with the horses and how the horses trusted him. It was beautiful to watch. We also got a great introduction to Argentinean games with horses.


Gaucho Marting showing his skills with the horse



Gauche Horse show



It was a great day, I’m so blessed to have good Argentinean friends that want to show me the best of their beautiful country. This was for me on of the really highs on my trip so far in Argentina. It was an amazing day. The atmosphere was good the people was good and I had an amazing adrenalin rush on the horseback. It was a good day.

Gauchos with their Horses

Gaucho horse show - lucky us that got to see it

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