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5 Great things to do in Cozumel

When you are in Belize, the bank have closed all your credit cards. Because someone copied them, it´s not much fun left. Being in a foreign country without money and waiting for solving the problem, good things can happen. I was talking with this lovely lady about my bad luck with the bank system. That I wouldn’t be able to travel to Cuba, because it is complicated without cards and not knowing the possibilities to get more money if something happen when being in Cuba. My trip to Cuba was canceled. Then this generous lady invited me to her home in Cozumel. She also promise me some great diving sites, well I had to say yes to that. This is how 5 great things to do in Cozumel was created.


Arriving to Cozumel

When arriving to Cozumel, I just went with the ferry from Playa del Carmen. It takes around 45 minutes then you are at the safest island in Mexico´s Yucatan. Welcome to the paradise for the one that don´t like to be cold somewhere else in the world.


Cozumel is a big cruise harbor that brings in a couple of ships a day with around 20 000 people. That is not a problem, if you don´t have to walk in the down town main street area. I never felt that Cozumel was crowded. Or only when we went to the main street for on hour looking at the cruise craziness. Cozumel is also famous for having sports event, and happy Canadian people enjoying their life and for some having their retirement in paradise. When I was there, I got to know these people – I will say that one of the the tings do in Cozumel, is your retirement for sure! It looks fabulous, relaxing and healthy. Cozumel has everything a good life requires and people from all over the world. My lovely new friend that invited me to her home in Cozumel is a Canadian lady enjoying her retirement on the beautiful island.

There is many great things to do in Cozumel

When being with a local, your trip is going to be something more.


You will be able to see so much more on less time without stress. They will not let you wast your time on thing you don´t have to see. They will make sure you are seeing the true sites of the place. They will let your interact with more locals which means more fun. They will learn you more about the actually life on the place and maybe they will be friends for a life time.


Great things to do in Cozumel enjoy wine with friends

Pat, thousand thank you for inviting me to your home and showing me your island.

Cozumel is a beautiful paradise and so are you.


5 Great things to do in Cozumel

Great things to do in Cozumel in the eyes of a local or a traveler hanging out with the local. If you get invited to a person’s home, try to say  – Yes and discover this experience.


1. The Island tour

We went around the whole island with the car and we stopped and enjoyed the small places on the other side of the island (east side). Some places you can be completely alone and some places you can get a beer and have some heavenly guacamole. Then you just talk, don´t stress about anything and enjoying life. Be careful with were you go swimming, the current in Cozumel are strong and people die because of it, when not being careful. I´m scaring you, because I want you to be safe!


Great things to do in Cozumel eat the best guacamole



Great things to do in Cozumel is to take the round tour of the island


2. Diving

After been diving in Galapagos and Belize, could anything be amazing after these sites? Well to be honest, Cozumel was pretty spectacular. It had a great visibility and stunning coral formation and a vibrant sea world. You should go diving and play with the ray and surround yourself with bubbles and no troubles. I had my first drift dive her, it was super fun! You see a lot going with the current. Such a fun experience. I just managed to get the dive before the storm went on.

Why no pictures? I really enjoy diving without taking picture. Only being in the movement. Most of the time I take a lot of picture. Sometime is just nice being there and experience it with no distraction. Have you ever travel a day without taking a picture and just lived the moment?


Anyway about that storm:

My sister calling from Norway and asking:

“Is it rain season there now?

My Canadian friend living in Cozumel answering back:

No! It´s hurricane season”

One day lather:

the Power is gone by the wind and the storm!

3. Eating Lion fish

You should definitely go and eat lion fish. It is threatening the environment in Cozumel and it is killing the corals. When eating Lion fish you are supporting the fight against Lion fish and getting a delicious meal on the top of doing good. You should eat the one with the coconut recipe and it´s food heaven. The best place in Cozumel is this place: La Perlita a causal atmosphere and my local friend did take me, not a tourist trap. Authentic Yucatan seafood dishes at a reasonable price.



Save the reef eat Lion fish

Eat em to beat em

Lion fish


This is the Lion fish with coconut – That is the best.


4. Buccano´s Beach Club

Buccano is a great Beach Club a day an a nice Bar & Grill by night. This is where you get your ultimate vacation photo to put on Instagram and make people back home jealous on how good you are having it in Mexico. The sun, sea and the breeze are just what you need for a perfect day on the beach, Buccano is giving it all to you. When entering you have to pay a fee, this one you can take out in a delicious lunch like fish tacos or margaritas. As Buccano says themself: it´s easy going and a comfortable place for an unforgettable day in Cozumel. Swim in the ocean, snorkel in the sea or just read a book. The option is yours. This island is paradise. It makes me happy.



Great things to do in Cozumel is just sometimes enjoying the beach


Great things to do in Cozumel is sometimes to just chill




Great things to do in Cozumel is just enjoying the view




Great things to do in Cozumel is enjoying amazing tacos

Hotel zone north of Cozumel  – Playa San Juan Beach Costera Norte Km 4.5  – Daily 9am to 5pm




5. El Cedral the small village

El Cedral is the small village built-in the middle of the island. It has some of the oldest Mayan ruin in Cozumel. It is next to the church. If you are going in April – there is a big – Feria El Cedral (Plan your trip around this event) – It brings people from all over Mexico to take part on the party with horse racing, rodeo, concerts and lot´s of delicious food. True experience of Mexico.

If you are traveling there outside of April, go there on a Sunday and eat some local food from the church lady. They will ask if you want to come to the church, but just be honest and say, I only went for the food. Or at least that´s what we did.


The small village



the local food


after the storm



Cozumel by Night



If you need help planning your trip in Cozumel check this site out: Two D’s Diving and Tour

If you need a chiropractor in Cozumel, I would recommend Cozumel Health Great work. Bought of my credit card cancelled, well I could definitely feel that one my body.

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