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How I decided to travel again!

Busy Living in the Present

Once again. It´s time to trust the magic of new beginnings. My next adventure is gonna be Buenos Aires for three months with studying spanish and CSR management in the university. Then backpacking in South America until I run out of money, go home and laugh of all the crazy things I did. I’m so ready to get lost in a city and don’t have to care about it.

Welcome to follow my travel in South America. 

I’m gonna find new places and have extreme adventures.

How did I decide to travel again?

Last year was my first trip of solo traveling. I was sick of hearing people telling me stories about the gorgeous world out there. It was time to take action and have my own adventures. I went to Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Thailand had the time of my life. Learned so much about traveling with myself as solo. Truly a challenge, I can recommend it. Back to the point. How did I decide to travel again. Well as you can imagine the world is exquisite. So I’m in love. I have to go back and discover more. My curiosity need it.

Life is for living in the way you want. For me it’s not gonna be a normal life for the moment. I’m not ready for it. I don’t want to have a real job and a perfect apartment. I wanna be out there and discover more beauty and keep learning about life. I want to be myself with no limits, free, generous and smart. I wanna travel.

I want to inspire young people to not stress about life. You should Enjoy the freedom when you still can! Have a fun time, learn a lot and get ridiculous. The world is the best internship ever, trust me. See you somewhere in the world? Let´s travel.

PS. There should be more girls that travel solo.


 Goals for 2015  

If I publish them, maybe I will reach them. 

  • Restarting my blog – Blog once a week – inspire people to do more travelling
  • Live in Buenos Aires
  • Learn Spanish
  • Try to Learn how to dance tango
  • Visit Five countries or more in South America – Amazing experience
  • Do Crossfit three times per week
  • Keep being a bit crazy