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How to Tinder the World when Traveling

When it comes to; How to Tinder the world, you are on the right spot. I have Tinder the world in Asia, South America, North America and Europe; Tinder the world is a great thing to do when traveling. If you like to get to know new people and enjoy some adventures. Then you should definitely Tinder the World while you are traveling it is an opportunity not to be missed. Sometimes very fun, sometimes not so fun. Sometimes you end up in a Pool Party with 300 Argentinians and 2 freezer fulled with ice for Fernet and Coca Cola.


How to Tinder the World when Traveling

Be Single, Open Minded and be a Traveler

When on Tinder be open and honest about being a traveler. Be honest about your expectations and that you wold like to meet up with cool people to see the city, explore the local areas and enjoy the moment. If it turns out that it is Prince Charming, well good for you. If not just enjoy the cool experience of seeing something that you would never see if you didn’t meet up with this person.


Be Smart and Excited

Always meet up in the city in bars or parks or something fun and something public. A place where you can always leave, if you feel uncomfortable. Always enjoy the experience of meeting someone new. It is very exciting to get to know another person in your life and from another country. Have some patience to listen to their stories and understand them, before you completely judge them and say: Wow, we are completely different persons, chao!



Enjoy the Experience or Go Home

If you are going to Tinder the World, you should enjoy it. If not – Just not do it. It´s okay, it´s not for everyone. I totally understand that. Sometimes it can be awkward, most of the time fun. Don´t be so serious about it.





My experience on Tinder the World

Tinder the World in New Zealand

In New Zealand, I went on Tinder with this really nice guy from the U.K. that was in New Zealand with Work and Holiday. I had one evening left in Queenstown before going further one my trip, we enjoyed the night partying away in Queenstown. So much fun and great to meet up with another traveler that was enjoying the same value of traveling and exploring.



Tinder the World in Thailand

In Thailand, there was so much going on in Tinder, it was literally: Tinder the World. Because Thailand is Backpacking nr.1 in the world. It was lot if nationalities and all sorts of people to Tinder. On my first night in Koh Tao, I was on my way to a Tinder date, I was distracted went and had pizza with this random guy in the street. Interesting person, but my weirdest conversation ever over pizza. It was an Interesting experience for sure, no time to stick around.

Anyway in Thailand it was more about showing my other friend how to Tinder the World. My Argentinean friend that I did meet in Thailand, is very grateful for teaching him how to “shop” for girls and in my terms Tinder the world. We had so much fun with how to Tinder the world in Thailand.



Tinder the World in Argentina

In need for practicing Spanish and get into the culture, I decided that tinder would give opportunities for this. I hit tinder in Buenos Aires, was practicing a lot on my Spanish. In very basic manner. Still practicing!

My first tinder dater was in a Scandinavian restaurant in Buenos Aires – Yes, so much for that culture!  It was very nice, a real Argentinean man with a nice groomed beard and a poppy shirt talking to me the Norwegian girl. Hello Tindering Argentina!!

We actually had a lot of fun dates. One where I was in top of handlebars at the bike, relaxing while he was biking down Avenida Corrientes and inside Bosques de Palermo. We had wonderful sightings and loads of fun not getting our-self into danger in our biking tour. In the end we did go to really nice local parilla and he gave the introduction for the Argentinean meat, which I now love.



How to Tinder the World while Traveling the World - Pauline Travels Blog


When being Single, there is always the opportunity to explore more. That I did. On my other Tinder date in Buenos Aires, I was invited to a crazy Argentinean pool party with 300 Portenos and my other gringo friends.

The party was on another level. I have never seen so much ice, fernet and cola in one place. Awesome party, not so awesome Tinder date. Or he was cool and probably loved having some international people on his party, we didn’t end up kissing that night or ever. He was busy hosting the party and it was an amazing opportunity. He was just not that into me, that´s fine neither was I.


Romantic Moment in Old School Style

It was 07.00 in the morning, it was time for the gringos to go home from the crazy pool party and say goodbye to the Tinder date. And 07.00 in the morning in Argentina is to early for anyone to leave a party.

Anyway we went on the train, even do it was dangerous “late in the night”. There it was three tired people sitting on the train and almost falling a sleep. Then it was me, a bit drunk and a bit curious about this guy sitting next with us on the train. A cute smile, very charming and even with a guitar. He is looking at me. He is very handsome.

It was time to make a move, I went over and asked where is the Palermo station (where we went on when we went to San Miguel;)) he explained in perfect Castellano the direction. And of course I only understood a 1/3 of the words he said. Who cares! He had georgeous brown eyes and he was smiling of my bad jokes about his name being a famous singer.

We went on looking at each others eyes and smiled. Then we arrived to Palermo station. We where getting out of the train, so was he. We decided to go and have pizza together. We couldn’t let go. We needed more time. There we where: me the handsome guy and my three friends eating pizza at 08.00 in the morning. Celebrating another crazy night in Argentina and the beginning of a new adventure with mr. handsome.


Tinder the World in Mexico

I loved continuing practice my Spanish by tinder when traveling the world. Why not invite myself on the the town with this Colombian guy living in Playa del Carmen for a night of party? We went out and meet up. He really could not speak any English. It was funny and a challenge. We had a great night partying with his friends in Playa! The Mexican girl was knowing her value in playa and did get us all in at the great clubs. I did drink alcohol, but only soft alcohol. I never get drunk when being alone traveling. I cant be careless enough to put myself in that kind of danger.


How to Tinder the World while Traveling the World - Pauline Travels Blog


Last Word on how to Tinder the World

When it comes to tinder the world, have fun! If you are traveling explore the world & explore the people – sometimes you can do that with Tinder. I like Tinder in the way it gives you a chance for giving you the local experience. Of course you can use Couch Surfing for this as well, but I just find Tinder convenient and faster.

Some of the people I have been meeting on Tinder are travelers and it is just fun to catch up with like minded persons. Sometimes it´s not a match, sometimes you have special moment with someone. Sometimes you end up having a friend from another side of the world and another culture.

And maybe one day you will be lucky to find love. Will it be from Tinder or Life itself, who knows? Enjoy the moment, Tinder the world and meet up with some interesting people.

Be safe!

If you don’t like what´s happening. Speak up or just remove yourself from the situation as fast as you can. It is better to be safe then sorry.




Where did you tinder the world?

Or do you think Tinder is a complete craziness?