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My Second family in Buenos Aires

I have to show some of the good times in Buenos Aires with my second family from Argentina, UK, Frances, Germany, USA, Netherlands, Sweden and Norway. When you travel you meet so many fantastic people from all over the world. With out the people I meet in Buenos Aires, my stay wouldn’t be the same. I really enjoyed all the fun we had, I just have to say thanks for being Awesome and for being my second family! I Love you all!  #Shitloads of Fun! I hope to see you all again, por favor!!


Argentina: Tranqui, no rush es buena onda! (Buenos Aires) 

UK: Always up for some fun 

France: Share wine and bread with you 

Germany: Make sure that everybody is moving in the right time, to enjoy the nightlife. Makes great potato salad. 

USA: They learn you to not to care so much, just own it! 

Netherlands: Anybody said party? Oh yeah, so up for it.

Sweden: Let´s just do it

Norway: You tell me? 

We all have different interpretation of countries, of course there are always exceptions. We gotta love it do. 

My second family in Buenos Aires



























Buena Onda!