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Cooperativa del Barrio La Juanita


Education gives freedom. We are giving education, we want independence and dignity. We create together and make integration. We dream big and change people’s lives. We are empowering people to be free with education and work.



Mud road


Can you imagine if it was raining… 


There are 1.775.816 people living in La Matanza. They are struggling with making a living. They don’t have any sewer system or proper roads. They also missed streets number for a long time, which was a big problem for getting ambulance in time for emergency. The government has in some way forgotten them. In paper it says that the barrio should have an asphalt road, I was walking in the streets, all I could see was mud road. I’m just saying 1,775,816 votes. They have the power to change an election in the future. Then again if it´s an election, maybe the government will stop by and remained them that they actually exist. Then there will be education to make the wise choices for the future. For the moment they are waiting for the local authorities, to let them approve on having a primary school in the community.


The 27.03.15 my class of CSR management -(Norwegian University co-working with UBA)  Kulturstudier went to visit this barrio. I think the most important with the hole visited, was their passion and there believes of the possibilty to make a change. The believes that education and work is the solution. Education will give freedom. Provide with the power to make right decisions for the future. They are in the spirit of Social integration is the challenge for a better world. La Juanita is a great example that it is possible to change culture and community for the better.

I’m very grateful for being born in Norway, were we are very privileged with a good education system. Wish every child could have an opportunity to have an education no matter what country or social system they are from. Education is one of the best privilege in life. I have big belief that La Juanita are gonna make it big. They are being an independent community. They are making difference. They are gonna have an impact on the future. We just don’t know how big it will be.


The cooperative La Juanita was created after the local crisis in 2001 by a group of unemployed workers that decided to do not accept the State fare well assistance and, instead, organize themselves to overcome this crisis by working. To regain solidarity and dignity through work, education and the conformation of citizenship.